Daphné. 18 ans. Graphiste. Bassiste.

KONTROLLHAMSTER - The High Tauern National Park, 2012

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Ingo Mittelstaedt

Jesus Leguizamo, The Prophet

different prespectives (inspired by x)

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goodmorningapathy asked:

gah! I forgot how much I love your blog and you seem fabulous ahh I wish I knew more about you, you're one of my favourite blogs but I haven't seen any of your stuff on my dash in ages x.x

Heya! I’m terribly sorry for not making graphics often. I’m currently studying in Nice and I may not have the time to do so. But I just made one a few days ago. School life agh! Anyway, thanks for appreciating  my work! Not many people I know like my taste of art though.




Love you, Wes.

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